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11.03.2021- 12.04.2021

The high visibility LED Cape in action!

Click the video below, to find out how the cape can help keep your loved ones safe!

Self Luminous

Visibility of 400m

Rechargable Battery

10h Battery Duration


Maschine Waschable

Three Sizes

EU/DE size 86-146

Development of the cape

Seeing a product through children's eyes!

In the past months, we have put our heart and many, many working hours in the developmentof our LED cape. We regularly get great feedback from parents about our first children's product - the LED safety vest. And while our hearts skip a beat everytime we hear praise, we wanted to specifically find out the things that would make a children's product even better. So we went to where our actual customers are. To school, to the kindergarden and to the playground.

We encouraged children to tell us everything they think about the vest - positive and negative. With a backpack full of ideas, we went back to our desks and developed the LED cape for months. After a few test runs, we held the final product in our hands and are now very happy that we can launch it for you soon.


Unfortunately, we have not (yet) been able to implement the idea of ​​a second class. Abuilt-in jet drive so that you can fly to school by bike and sleep longer inthe morning. But we'll stay  on it ...;-)

The first high-visibility cape for children

We have developed the high-vis cape with our primary customer in mind - children!

Self-Luminious LED Lights

One distinct advantage the high visibility LED kids cape made by heyReflect has over all other competitors, is that it is self-luminous. Because of the self-luminosity of the safety cape, the person wearing the product attracts more attention and is visible much earlier and at a greater distance.

High Quality

The cape is certified by independent institutions such as the TÜV Rheinland. The material itself is sturdy and durable and can withstand all activities within a childs daily life. The LED component is made using high quality led plates, which emit light that is visible at a distance of up to 400m.  

Perfectly suited for Children

We are proud to say that we have developed our LED Cape in cooperation with children and their parents. The cape sits comfortably on a child’s body and does not hinder the child during everyday activities. The cape is easy to put on and the LED component can be switched on by the kids without help.