Community Routes to School Projects: How neighborhoods can work together to create safer routes to school

Gemeinschaftsprojekte zur Schulweggestaltung: Wie Nachbarschaften zusammenarbeiten können, um sicherere Schulwege zu schaffen

The safety of children on their way to school is an important concern for parents, teachers and residents. A crucial factor here is collaboration within the neighborhood and community to work together to create safer routes to school. In this blog post we present various community projects that can help make school trips safer and more pleasant for everyone involved. You will also learn how you as a parent can take concrete action to advance such projects.


Inventory and planning

First of all, it is important to identify problematic areas on the road. To do this, parents and residents can walk the route to school together and note possible sources of danger. Collaboration with traffic experts and urban planners should then be sought to develop solutions to the identified problems. It is important to include everyone involved, i.e. children, parents and residents, in the planning process and to work together to develop measures to improve safety on the way to school.

Community projects to improve school route safety

Greening of streets and traffic islands

An attractive streetscape can make a big difference to the safety and well-being of students on their way to school. Greening streets and traffic islands helps to improve visibility and make streets more attractive for children. Plants, trees and flowers can also help drivers to move more carefully and more slowly. By creating green strips or planting traffic islands, small quiet zones are created, which make the journey to school more pleasant and safer overall.


Installation of zebra crossings and pedestrian crossings

Pedestrian crossings and zebra crossings are important elements for safety on school routes. They enable children to cross streets safely and increase the attention of drivers. As a parent, you can advocate for such crossings to be set up at critical points to make the journey to school safer.

Establishment of school path sponsorships and student guides

School sponsorships and student guides are a great way to increase the safety of school children. Older students or committed parents can position themselves as pilots in particularly dangerous places and ensure that the children get to school safely.


How parents can actually take action

Eötern mit Kidnern im Straßenverkehr

Establishment of a working group for school route safety

You can set up a working group or committee for school route safety that meets regularly and plans and implements measures together. This group can consist of parents, teachers, residents and, if possible, representatives from transportation planning and city administration.

 Participation in public events and discussion forums

Actively participate in public events and discussion forums related to traffic safety and urban planning. In this way, you can raise your concerns and suggestions about school route safety directly with decision-makers and influence the design of transport policy.

 Organization of information and educational events

Organize information and educational events with other parents to raise awareness of school travel safety and provide practical tips for safe use of road traffic. Such events can include, for example, road safety training for children, workshops for parents or information evenings for the entire neighborhood.



Designing safe routes to school requires the collaboration and commitment of parents, teachers, residents and local authorities. Through joint planning, communication and implementation of projects such as greening streets, installing zebra crossings and setting up school sponsorships, we can help ensure that our children get to school safely. If you take action as a parent and support such projects in your neighborhood, you will make a significant contribution to improving the safety and well-being of students on their way to school.