Children's safety vest to put on

Get home safely with the glowing guardian angel for road traffic

Kind mit LED Warnweste für Kinder

LED warning vest for children

Clearly visible from every angle

Kind auf dem Laufrad mit LED Warnweste für Kinder

LED Kinderwagenstrap

Visible from every angle

400m visibility

Our heyReflect high-visibility vests make you visible in traffic from 400 meters away - so be bright, be safe!

Machine washable

Totally easy, right? Simply pull out the battery and you can throw all of our products into the washing machine - clean and easy!


Sure, you can completely rely on our heyReflect products - they are certified by independent testing centers in Germany.

Weather resistant

Hey, don't worry, all heyReflect products are totally weatherproof and can easily withstand any rain - so go ahead, put them on and rock any weather!

A calming feeling with the high-visibility vests for children

Our children's everyday lives are marked by paths. The way to school or daycare, the walk to the playground in the early evening. Or if the children are a little older, the bike path to handball or soccer training. Especially now in autumn and winter, even the littlest ones are out and about at dusk in the morning and take part in the traffic.

However, due to their brain development, children can only correctly classify the speeds of moving cars from the age of around 10 years and thus behave in an anticipatory manner in traffic. Nevertheless, children often actively conquer the streets from the age of 2-3. Traffic education often only begins in elementary school. The preventive solution: security through visibility. With a LED warning vest Your children will be spotted from afar, both on bikes and on foot. The Children's safety vests from heyReflect are characterized by their particularly high quality and they don't bother children in their everyday life at all.

It is often the case that the children themselves are the biggest fans of our products.

Arrive home safely! Children's safety vests with LEDs

About that that LED Warncape To develop, we went to where our actual customers are. To primary school, to daycare and to the playground. We talked little, listened a lot and encouraged children to share their thoughts with us. Prototypes were put through their paces, not just by us, but of course also
from our young inventors.
Thanks to a Velcro fastener, the children's safety vests grow with the little ones and can be made tighter or wider over different jackets.
Both the LED warning cape and the LED warning vest for children can be washed by hand after removing the battery, so that the glowing guardian angels should not be missing even on a bad weather day.

The LED warning capes can also be customized by the children with cool patches.

What our customers think about our children's safety vests

The vest is great. My daughter is seen from afar and she automatically sees something. The price is very worth it. Size fits as stated.

Sandra R.

We are the eye-catcher in the neighborhood :)
The vest is used every day and we are happy to have it [..]

Sylvia R.

A gift for an expectant mother, the child will come in September and then the dark season begins. She thinks it's great and is looking forward to more visible walks in autumn and winter.

Konstanze K.