High-visibility vests for cyclists and joggers

We will clothe you in safety

Autofahrerperspektive auf Fahrradfahrer mit Warnweste
Autofahrerperspektive auf Fahrradfahrer mit Warnweste

The other safety vest

The LED strap from heyReflect is small, practical and suitable for everyday use

LED safety vests and warning products for adults

Do you like to go jogging, ride your bike to work or walk your dog in the evening? Then we have exactly the right products for you so that you are clearly visible in traffic. The High visibility vest is specifically for cyclists designed to sit comfortably on the body and impress with its lightweight, wrinkle-free material. Thanks to the strategically placed LEDs, our warning vest for cyclists is a faithful companion on your way to work.

Is a safety vest too big and unwieldy? Then we have just the right thing for you to make you more visible in traffic. The LED Strap is small, can be folded up and still makes you visible from up to 400m. You can easily make the strap larger or smaller with a Velcro fastener and when you no longer need it, it takes up very little space in your bag.

Do you often go out with your child in a stroller? We also have the right warning product for you. The new LED Kinderwagenstrap. This can be easily placed around the shell of the stroller and is attached with the help of a Velcro fastener. The reflector strips and LEDs ensure that you and your stroller can be seen from afar.

LED warning products developed for everyday life

We know that only everyday products are really good products and that's why we have ours LED safety vests and the straps like that
developed so that they are comfortable to wear and you can enjoy the products for a long time. The LEDs are battery operated and can be easily recharged using the included charging cable. The lighting duration of the LEDs is around 8-10 hours when switched on.

All vests can be hand washed after the battery has been removed, so they are a must even in the typical German November weather.


Quality is important to us. We have therefore ensured that all of our products are certified by independent testing bodies.

Machine washable

Cleaning our heyreflect products is child's play. Simply remove the battery and you can put it in the washing machine without any worries.

Weather resistant

With our heyReflect products you are prepared for any weather. They are weather resistant and ideal for use in different weather conditions

400m visibility

Safety is our top priority. That's why our high-visibility vests are designed to be visible in traffic from a distance of up to 400 meters thanks to the LEDs.

What our customers think about our warning products

The good feeling of being seen and therefore being more safe in traffic is simply priceless.

Johannes B.

It calms me to ride my bike in Hamburg in the dark when it's well lit

Telse F.

Great piece - well made - size L also fits over a thick winter jacket.

Day J.