LED Buggy Strap im Straßenverkehr
LED Buggy Strap im Straßenverkehr

LED Kinderwagenstrap

372 kr

Fits any standard stroller carrycot

WITHOUT battery, rechargeable battery

High quality reflective strips

Easy to attach to the stroller

Also safe when traveling with a stroller

With the groundbreaking LED stroller strap, the safety of your stroller in road traffic is taken to a new level. This exciting new product ensures that your stroller is recognized by other road users three times earlier.

The LED stroller strap is easy to install and can be attached to almost any stroller model. It is equipped with powerful LED lights that emit a bright, easily visible light in darkness or poor visibility. This means that you and your child will be noticed by other pedestrians, cyclists and drivers from a distance.

The improved visibility of your stroller not only contributes to overall safety, but also creates a sense of peace for you as a parent. You can now go for a walk with greater confidence, even when it's dark outside or the weather is bad. The LED stroller strap offers additional protection for you and your child and significantly reduces the risk of accidents. In addition, the LED stroller strap is a fashionable accessory. It's available in a variety of colors and designs, so you can customize it to suit your stroller's style and your personal preferences. With this practical and stylish product you are sure to attract many admiring glances.

Invest in your child's safety and be a pioneer in road traffic with the LED stroller strap. Make your stroller more visible and go for walks with a clear conscience, regardless of the lighting conditions. The new product, the LED stroller strap, offers you an innovative solution for increased safety and a fashion statement at the same time.