Top 10 innovative and meaningful school day gifts for the school cone: Let school start with a bang!

Let's go, dear parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and dear godparents!

For many people, the summer holidays are in full swing and the big day of starting school is getting closer and closer. It's time to think about the perfect school cone gift. I know it can be challenging to find the right gift, but don't worry! I have put together a list of the ten most creative and innovative gifts that will make every ABC shooter's heart beat faster.

 These are the gift ideas:

    1. Anti-Stress-Ball: Starting school can sometimes be stressful. An anti-stress ball can help calm nerves and promote concentration. They are also small enough to fit in any school bag.


    1. Back to school survival kit: Everything a school child needs to survive can be packed into this little kit: a fun eraser, a small notebook, a few pens and maybe some candy in case of emergency.


    1. Bookmarks with personalization: Make reading even more exciting with a personalized bookmark. Maybe with your favorite animal, the child's name or a funny saying.


    1. The little dragon Coconut comes to school: This book is a perfect introduction to school. With exciting stories and beautiful pictures, it is a great gift for beginning readers.


    1. Bento Lunchbox: The Bento lunch box is a great way to store lunch and snacks for in between meals. There are many fun designs and they are also practical for trips or sports lessons.


    1. Unicorns and dragons memory game: This game helps to improve concentration and memory. And of course it's a lot of fun too! 


    1. My first pocket money Game: This game from Ravensburger teaches children how to handle money in a playful way. You will learn how to save money, spend it and understand the value of money. A valuable gift that helps children learn financial responsibility.


    1. Foldable water bottle: A collapsible water bottle is not only practical but also space-saving. Perfect for school backpacks and trips.


    1. Growing crystals: This set includes everything you need to grow your own crystals. A great gift that delights children and is also educational.


    1. LED Warncape von heyReflect: Safety comes first, especially on the way to school. The warning cape from heyReflect is the first high-visibility vest that can be pulled over and was developed specifically for children. It makes the wearer visible at an early stage using LEDs and thus protects children in traffic. An absolute must-have for every school starter.